Wet collodion on black varnish aluminium plates
Three unique prints
Numbered 1/1, signed and dated in ink by the artist (on the back of each plate)
Size : 11,4 x 8,8 cm (4 3/8 x 3 1/8 in) each plates
Provenance: Artist’s studio (France)
Unframed prints

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Thomas Paquet's work revolves around the notion of space and time. Far from the information overloads and the speed excesses of the digital realms, Thomas quietly explores with matter. He envisages photography as an art which cannot be separated from its craft. As such, film is often at the core of his creation process and it is common for him to employ alternative techniques such as Polaroid, wet collodion prints or gum bichormate printing process. But most importantly his work is an invitation to go beyond our own expectations of reality, blurring the lines between science and poetry, materiality and abstraction, objectivity and subjectivity.


This special triptych is presented as a bonus to the exhibition which is currently up and running at the Galerie Thierry Bigaignon. We wanted to serve collectors with a special piece which they could not find anywhere else. Special not only because it is a unique wet collodion photographic composition but also because it is the result of an ongoing research that Thomas has started to undertake years ago. Like all photographers, he is using light to fix a certain reality, but by photographing the light itself he is somehow taking photography one step beyond. His work is about representing abstraction and capturing the imagination onto a real surface, to trigger in turn the viewer's imagination. To have the opportunity to acquire a unique piece from an emerging artist who takes on such strong directions is a privilege we are delighted to offer our members.    


"My photography is evolving over time but my approach remains traditional: I produce my own chemicals and my gestures are repeated plates after plates with an ever-growing skill. For this special triptych, I have worked like I always do, with a systematic approach: preparing the chemicals, pouring out the collodion onto an aluminum plate, immersing the plate in a silver nitrate sensitive bath before loading it into the camera holder, shaping the light, exposing the plate and finally developing and fixing it. All of this is done in a couple of minutes. Manipulating organic substances and having to deal with unforeseen events make the resulting pictures unlike no other. It is an inherent part of the process that I happily accept, the same way I am happy to make an homage to slowness with the use of wet collodion". (Thomas Paquet)