C-print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive (printed 2017)
Numbered 1/1, signed and dated
Paper size 61 x 50.8 cm (24 1/8 x 20 in)
Image size 59 x 49 cm (23 1/4 x 19 1/4 in)
Provenance: Artist’s studio (USA)
Unframed print

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Renato D’Agostin was born in Venice, Italy, in 1983. He began his career in photography in 2001 by exploring his daily world with his father’s camera, and thereby discovered new ways of transcending the beauty of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. Finding his inspiration in urban life, he traveled through the capitals of Western Europe, and after a period in Milan where he worked with the production studio Maison Sabbatini, he moved to New York, where he still lives. In 2005, he attended Fine Print courses at the International Center of Photography (ICP) and soon after became assistant to Ralph Gibson. Dislocating subjects from their realities, Renato D'Agostin opens new portals in the viewer’s imagination by reinterpreting the relationship between space, architecture and people. Renato D'Agostin is represented by the Galerie Thierry Bigaignon.


A night at the studio: "I was laying down on my couch while waiting for some prints to wash in the darkroom late at night. I was looking at the perfectly round moon outside the window. I grabbed my camera and focused on it. Next to it,  the studio little lights were coming down from the ceiling, and obstructing the view. Focusing on the far moon, the lights lost all the focus, expanding as if through a microscope. I turned my camera to them and shot them instead of the moon. They looked as if a golden rain was coming down from space, directly into the film" (Renato D'Agostin). 


We are happy to release this unique, rare and very personal color print which was developed by Renato D'Agostin exclusively for Collectors Confidential. Renato D'Agostin is a renowned master printer and second to none when it comes to black & white photographs. For his color photographs, Renato usually uses an external lab to have them printed digitally under his tight supervision. This special print is the very first color film photograph he has printed himself in a New York City darkroom!
The print comes unframed but we provide our collectors with framing directions as wished by the artist: the white borders need to be trimmed, use a thin white-tinted wooden frame with museum anti-UV glass and make the print float into the frame leaving some space around and behind it. 

Please note that that being a color darkroom print, it needs extra care once displayed. Museum anti-UV glass is necessary and it shouldn't be facing direct sunlight in order to fully optimize its conservation.