Collectors Confidential is the special online store of the Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, our Paris-based gallery, exclusively dedicated to photography. With a strong international focus we defend a certain vision of photography. The gallery's program is set to surprise, shove and question, unveiling the unexpected, placing the oxymoron at the heart of its exhibitions and playing with timescales. Exhibit after exhibit, we clearly state and reinforce our founding identity: to propose challenging works from premium artists,  whether they be emerging, mid-career or world-renowned.

In January 2018, we introduced Collectors Confidential, our online platform entirely dedicated to photography and designed for the demanding collector.

With quality at the core of our innovative approach, we carefully curate the finest prints and collectibles to serve our collectors wherever they are.

With highly curated prints, our free worldwide shipping policy and our 14-day collectors satisfaction guarantee, we are pretty sure to serve you the best possible way!

Simple, direct and highly focussed.